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Experiencias de los alumnos / Testimonies from Alumni

Programas Internacionales

La Fundación José Ortega y Gasset Argentina inaguró sus Programas Internacionales en el año 2000. Desde entonces, este departamento ha crecido ininterrumpidamente sumando acuerdos con prestigiosas universidades del exterior.
A través de la realización de numerosos programas, seminarios y cursos dictados por académicos y profesores idóneos, esta fundación privilegia la difusión cultural y la formación de excelencia en la comunidad argentina. 

Experiencias de los alumnos / Brooke

My time in Buenos Aires with the FOGA program was unforgettable. Starting on the first day when I was introduced to the iconic city, I knew I would grow to truly appreciate the Porteño philosophy. One aspect of the program that I valued was the small size. I was able to see the teachers and program coordinators multiple times a week, which really helped in adjusting to the culture and to not feel quite so isolated in the first few weeks. I found that having only 16 students in our group led us to form strong connections with each other early on. This was important for me because while you're only in Argentina for so long, the bond you form with others can last a lifetime. Mi querido Buenos Aires, I can't wait for the day I visit you again. 

Brooke Achua